UETS and Address Registration for Residence Permit in 2024

Last Modified: 2024-03-30

Turkey has been a popular country to study, work and live in in recent years. The Ministry of Internal Affairs wants to increase the quality of life of foreigners in our country and accelerate their integration. For this reason, in order to notify foreigners in legislative changes and to keep a record of how many foreigners live in which region; UETS Registration and Address Registration of foreigners is an obligatory.

Recently, we often encounter questions from foreigners living in our country, how can I register for UETS and how to register an address for resindence permit. Global Mobility Turkey, which has left behind its 6th year in the sector, has prepared this article on how to register UETS and Address for you.

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Table of Contents

  1. What is UETS Registration?
  2. What is Adress Registration for Residence Permit?
  3. Districts and Neighborhoods Closed to Foreign Residence

  1. How to Get UETS Address for Residence Permit Applications?
  2. UETS, Ulusal Elektronik Takip Sistemi, is an abbreviation for the National Electronic Notification System managed by the PTT (Postal Service) to handle notification procedures according to the Electronic Notification legislation. This system allows administrative action notifications to be sent electronically to individuals.

    In 2024, the Presidency of Migration Management started to request UETS addresses for residence permit applications. For residence applications, foreigners must obtain a UETS address from PTT branches and submit it to the Immigration Authority when submitting documents.

    How to Get an UETS Address?

    • A foreigner who has completed their application through the E-İkamet System must print out the Residence Permit Registration (Application Document) Form.
    • A foreigner must apply to a PTT branch for UETS application. They should tell the PTT officials that they want to make a UETS Address record by showing 3 documents; their Passport, Foreign Identity card starting with 99 or 98 and Residence Application Form.
    • UETS account should be opened at PTT, and the "UETS Account Information Form" showing the UETS address should be obtained.
    • When going to the residence permit appointment, the 'UETS Account Information Form' along with other documents should be submitted to the Provincial Immigration Administration..

  3. How to Make Address Registration for Residence Permit
  4. Turkish citizens and foreigners living in Turkey are required to have a place of residence. Therefore, within the scope of the Law on Population Services , everyone has to have a place of residence and register this address in the Address Registration System (AKS).

    Foreigners in Turkey have to register their addresses in order to benefit from most services such as education, health, opening a bank account. In addition, foreigners must register their addresses before applying for a residence permit extension. Foreigners, having residence and work permits, must register in the Turkish Address Registration System within 20 working days. Foreigners who do not register their address within 20 days may face an administrative fine.

    How to Register an Address?

    To empty address : In address registration procedures, you can register your address at Provincial Directorates of Migration Management together with the electricity, water or natural gas bill registered in your name, together with the rental contract or subscription agreement.

    To the full address : In address registration procedures, the person registered at the address must give certificate of consent. Also, the person who will give consent must present an electricity, water or natural gas bill for that address.

    For collective settlements(Dormitory, Hotel, Hospital, etc.) : You must obtain a document from the collective settlement in address registration procedures and have this document signed by the authorized person. You must submit the authorization document and the collective settlement certificate to the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management

    The Ministry of Internal Affairs carries out a very meticulous investigation regarding address registration procedures. In 2022, investigations were conducted at the 3,791,198 addresses of foreigners by General Directorate of Security and the Gendarmerie General Command. Judicial and administrative actions are taken against the foreigner who has a false address statement despite having a legal right, meaning residence permit, to stay in Turkey.

    Departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs continue investigations at foreign addresses in 2024 as well. The number of foreigners who have a residence permit in Turkey and their density, according to the regions they reside in, are systematically followed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Districts and neighborhoods with a high density of foreigners are closed to foreigners' residence.

  5. Which Neighborhoods and Districts are Closed for Residence Permit?
  6. With the circular issued by the Ministry of Interior, neighborhoods where the foreign population exceeds 20% of the Turkish population and 10 districts in Istanbul (Fatih, Esenyurt, Küçükçekmece, Başakşehir, Bağcılar, Avcılar, Bahçelievler, Sultangazi, Esenler and Zeytinburnu) are closed to foreign registration in February 2024. Applications for residence permits in these neighborhoods will be rejected, with the following exceptions

    How Can I Get a Residence Permit in a Closed Neighborhood?

    • In case a member of your family has a legal stay in these regions,
    • In case you are a student,
    • In case you have already bought a house,
    • In case you have a work permit,
    • In case you are going to receive treatment, you can get Residence Permit in closed districts.

    Among the issues to be considered in residence permit applications are UETS and Address Registration, which we mentioned in this article. These procedures must be completed before going to Residence Permit appointments. The Ministry of Interior rejects residence permit applications in neighborhoods where the density of foreigners exceeds %20. If you do not want to apply to neighborhoods closed to residence for foreigners, you can contact the Global Mobility Solutions team by filling out the contact form below.

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