How to Check Turkey Residence Permit Application Results

Last Modified: 2024-04-01

Foreign nationals planning to stay in Turkey for more than 90 days are required to obtain a residence permit. As part of this process, it's essential to apply and monitor the results. However, learning the residency application results can often be complicated. In this blog post, we'll guide you through how to find out the results of your residence permit application easily and quickly. You can follow the steps below to check the status of your application and keep track of other procedures.

The Global Mobility Turkey team has prepared this blog post drawing on their 5 years of experience in the consultancy field and serving thousands of clients. If you're planning to live in Turkey for an extended period, you can find our comprehensive article about residence permit fees below. Global Mobility Turkey offers consultancy services to both individual and corporate clients in the areas of citizenship, residence, and work permits. If you wish to get in touch with us, you can fill out the form located at the bottom of the page.

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Table of Contents

  1. Residence Permit Application Process
  2. Residence Permit Application Inquiry

  1. Residence Permit Application Process in Turkey
  2. First of all, make sure you have completed your application by following the necessary steps outlined in our Guide to Get a Residence Permit in Turkey post. Once you have prepared your documents, make an appointment with the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management (İl Göç İdaresi Müdürlüğü) and submit your application with required documents.

  3. Learn the Residence Permit Application Results Turkey
  4. To find out the result of your application, you can use the e-Residence service provided by the Directorate General of Migration Management. To access this service, click on the following link, portal and click the I want to know the result of my application section. This module allows you to check the outcome of your application for a residence permit.

    You can view any missing documents in your application file and take the necessary steps to complete them. After your residence permit application is approved, you can track the printing and delivery process of your residence permit card through this platform. Once the residence permit is approved, you can print out the QR-coded application document.

    By following these steps, you can regularly check the status of your application and take action if necessary. Checking the outcome of your residence permit application and managing the process is now easier and more user-friendly. You can now easily track the status of your application and manage the process using the e-Residence service.

  5. How to Check Residence Permit Application Status - Step 1
  6. You need to use e-residency page of Directorate General of Migration Management. You can click link and go to I Would Like to See My Application Result section.


  7. How to Check Residence Permit Application Status - Step 2
  8. Enter your application number on the screen (numbers starting with 2024, which is the registration number/application number in the upper right corner of the residence permit registration form).

    Enter your mobile phone number or e-mail address.

    Enter your passport number.

    Finally, enter the verification code in the lower left corner of the screen and click the Login button.


  9. How to Check Residence Permit Application Status - Step 3
  10. You will see your residence permit result and the dates between which you have a residence permit.

    If you have missing documents, you can access information on which document is missing on this screen and to which unit you need to submit it.

    With your PTT barcode number, you can track the delivery of your residence card. You can also click on the tracking button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to find out about the delivery process.

    By clicking the Print Application Document button, you can print the application document with the QR code. (The application document entitles you to visa-free entry at airports even if you do not receive your residence permit card).


  11. How to Check Residence Permit Application Status - Step 4
  12. You can track the delivery time of your card via the PTT Barcode Number and Residence Permit Result Query Screen Tracking Module.


    In this blog post, we've provided a detailed guide on the residence permit application process and how to find out the results for foreign nationals planning to stay in Turkey for 90 days or more. We've shed light on topics such as how to make inquiries through the Immigration Office's e-residence platform, how to complete missing documents, and how to receive your residence permit card. Prepared with the expertise and experience of the Global Mobility Turkey team, this guide aims to make the residence permit process more understandable and manageable. We hope that this information will be helpful to those planning to reside in Turkey for an extended period.

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