10 Advantages of Residence Permit Turkey

Last Modified: 2024-03-18

Turkey has become a popular destination for many people who want to relocate for work, retirement or simply for living. Recently, we frequently encounter questions from foreigners such as why should I get a residence permit in Turkey, what are the benefits of obtaining a residence permit. Global Mobility Turkey team has written for you the 10 advantages of having a residence permit in this article.

Let's start!

  1. Staying more than 90 days
  2. Having a residence permit allows you to live and work legally in Turkey, which is especially important for those who plan to stay in the country for a long time. Those who have a visa or visa exemption can stay legally for 90 days, while those who want to stay longer than 90 days must obtain a residence permit.

  3. Visa-Free entry
  4. Once you get a residence permit from Turkey, you will no longer need a visa. You can enter Turkey using your residence permit.

  5. Traveling without a Road Permit
  6. In some cases, foreigners are required to obtain a Road Permit, when they want to travel between cities in Turkey. This obligation will be eliminated when they receive a residence permit.

  7. Getting a Work Permit
  8. Foreigners in Turkey must have a 6-month residence permit in order to obtain a work permit. You can easily apply for a work permit after you get a residence permit.

  9. Being a Turkish Citizen
  10. When you get residency within the scope of investment, you can apply for Turkish citizenship directly with your family. Foreigners who have a work permit and stay in Turkey for a certain period of time can also apply for Turkish citizenship.

  11. Preparing a visa invitation letter for your family abroad
  12. You can send an invitation to your family abroad as part of family reunification for visa. So your family can get a visa easily.

  13. Working Remote in Turkey
  14. Remote working has been preferred by many employees in recent years. If you want to work while enjoying the beauties of Turkey, you can get a residence permit.

  15. Benefiting from Education Facilities
  16. If you have children, the residence permit will allow them to attend public schools in Turkey and will provide them with high quality education in a new and exciting environment. The high quality of education, the success in second and third foreign language education, and finally the high chance of being accepted by the world's leading universities increase the demand for schools in Turkey day by day.

  17. Health Care Facilities with Health Insurance
  18. With a residence permit, you will have access to Turkey's healthcare system, known for its high quality and affordability. Having health insurance is a requirement to obtain a residence permit. Many foreigners prefer Turkey for treatment due to the expensive and slow health system in their own country.

  19. Banking Operations
  20. With a residence permit, you can open a bank account in Turkey and carry out your financial situation and financial transactions. You can transfer money to many countries of the world with the prestige of the Turkish banking system.

If you are considering moving to Turkey, obtaining a residence permit should be at the top of your to-do list. A residence permit will give you legal status, access to healthcare, education and much more. If your are hesitant about which residence type to apply, you can take our Free 3 minutes residence type test by clicking here.

After deciding to get a Residence Permit and determining your type of residence, all you need to do is to apply for a residence permit. Obtaining a residence permit in Turkey can be a complex process, Global Mobility Turkey facilitates the process of obtaining a residence permit with its experience. To contact us, you can fill out the contact form below.

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